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Our Services
From our initial meeting, through your event day, we'll work with you to ensure a seamless, professional, engaging event.

Hart Golf & Events' proven process takes the worry out of planning, so you're guaranteed to enjoy your event and socialize with your guests.

Our proven process includes a range of services to ensure your event success. Here's what you can expect:

  • Venue Selection
    • We help you select a quality venue that's based on your event vision and that maximizes your financial potential.
    • We work with a host of golf venues, country clubs and hotels across the U.S.

  • Contract Negotiation
    • We negotiate all facility contracts based on your best interest.
    • We negotiate the best prices for you in all areas.

  • Budget Creation
    • We develop an operating budget for you, based on an achievable goal.
    • We manage your budget throughout the entire event process.

  • Event Logistics
    • We handle all logistics leading up to and during the event, including the creation and execution of course signage, contests, scheduling, pairings and announcements.
    • We provide complete on-site event management.
    • We plan and organize the event's pre-registration process.
    • We work with you to secure contest prizes and giveaways.
    • We coordinate all guest transportation and accommodations.

  • Relationship Management
    • We provide you with regular event status updates.
    • We help facilitate customer meetings with your support team, if needed.
    • We coordinate with your sponsors to outline expectations for the event.
  • Marketing
    • We help you develop and design promotional materials based on your event vision.
    • We help you concept and produce print and online promotional materials (brochures, web pages, advertisements).

  • Post-Event Followthrough
    • We work with you to complete all post-event activities (financial accounting, sponsor participation, vendor acknowledgements).
    • We facilitate a post-mortem discussion within 72 hours of the event.
    • We wrap up the entire process with you within two weeks of the event.

Client Responsibility
We ask our clients to provide the following information to serve you best:

  • If you've hosted this event before, a history of the event
  • Financial projections for the event, including your desired gross and net numbers
  • Your participation in developing an event budget and an overall event look

We also expect our clients to:

  • Provide signature approval on all documents related to:
    • The event plan
    • Acquisition of materials
    • Contracts

  • Take complete responsibility for fundraising
  • Manage corporate and sponsorship outreach efforts
  • Organize their support team (golf or event committee that assists your efforts to fundraise and procure donations and gifts), if applicable
  • Plan and set up support team meetings